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Back to School Free Shipping Special on sales of $275 and up.  This is only open to those within the 48 contiguous states.  Because our system doesn't differentiate between US and International sales, customers will need to do a Print and Call transaction.  We will gladly process a credit card over the phone, or you can let us know you'd rather have a PayPal invoice sent to your email address.  This special ends at midnight on September 5, 2016.

Thanks for your interest in Aux-Hyd products. We supply hydraulic kits and lockout valves for small tractors. With many satisfied customers, our main focus is to provide quality, American made products that people need to sustain themselves through these difficult times.

While we specialize in hydraulic related products, we also make and sell a variety of items which leverage our production equipment investment. If you have an idea, we would like to hear about it!

We carry several thousand dollars in new and used parts inventory, but we maintain little in actual finished goods because we haven't yet been able to predict what mix of parts will be needed to finish kits sold. We produce kits in a batch build fashion. To clarify, Monday is metal fabrication and media blasting day, Tuesday is acid bath and phosphate treatment day, Wednesday is the powder coating day, Thursday is the hydraulic valve rebuild and cleaning day. Certain processes like electrolysis are ongoing every day. Therefore, please plan for a 5 business day delay after placing your order before we ship your H2 or H3 kit, mule drive or seat suspension, and a 2 business day delay on Rear Hydraulic Kits. Lockout and LoadLock valves usually ship within 1 to 2 business days.

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