318, 322, 332, 330 316 (ONAN) Rear Lockout Valve
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This rear lockout valve fits all years of the 316(Onan), 318, 322 and 332 John Deere Garden Tractors. It provides positive shutoff to the rear lift hydraulic cylinder. This is necessary if another cylinder shares the same circuit on the control valve. It is common to use this valve on tractors primarily using the two front hydraulic circuits or tractors with rear auxillary hydraulic kit. This valve is fully compatible with the OEM rear PTO kit and lift kits. All parts needed for installation are included.

This valve kit includes a 1/8" pipe nipple for OEM style mounting.

If you need a lockout to hold up heavy weight on the back of your tractor, then purchase our positive lockout kit. The positive lockout kit, hydraulically speaking, moves the lockout valve to the opposite side of the cylinder and therefore holds fluid in the up side of the cylinder.

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318, 322, 332, 330 316 (ONAN) Rear Lockout Valve

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