Extra Heavy Duty Mule Drive Guard + Knob JD 140 300-317 318-332
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Made Entirely In USA!

If you want a 3/16" thick mule drive cover, you will also need a longer adjustment stud. We have packaged the knob and stud together with the extra heavy duty mule cover in this listing at a special price. You save two ways: 1. $5.00 off for buying both. 2. $6.00 off with combined shipping. 

We don't build the cheapest Mule Cover on eBay. We build the best Mule Cover we can then ask, what we think is a fair price. I'm guessing you didn't buy the cheapest garden tractor you could find either.

This EXTRA HEAVY DUTY mule drive guard / cover replaces the flimsy original part on the John Deere FRONT DRAFT ARM AND MOUNTING BRACKET # AM106629. The John Deere part number for the guard / cover is: M153375 or M42307.

This item features:

  • CNC Cut Die-Formed 7 Ga. (3/16") Cold Rolled Steel.
  • Made A Little Wider On One Side For Easier Belt Installation. 
  • Bare Metal Media Blasted Then Pretreated With Zirconium Oxide For Rust Prevention And Tight Coating Adhesion.
  • UV Resistant Semi-gloss Black Powder Top Coat Heat Cured @400 Degrees For A Tough Long Lasting Finish.
  • No decal, graphics imbedded into the tough powder coating.
  • New Correct Thread-Forming Mounting Screws.


Customers tell me their original zinc plated stud rusts to the adjustment yoke over time. They say it is especially noticeable when an old belt is replaced and the mule tension needs to be adjusted all the way out to install the new belt.  They say many times they tear the adjustment knob off trying to force the stud to the other end of its thread. My solution to this problem is a 304 Stainless Steel adjustment stud. 

The assembly consists of a new John Deere mule drive knob, new 304 Stainless Steel adjustment stud, and new jam nut. Not to worry, the stud is made longer to compensate for the increased mule cover thickness.

  • Item #: EHDMCK

Extra Heavy Duty Mule Drive Guard + Knob JD 140 300-317 318-332

Price: $80.00
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