Remanufactured Basic Mule Drive JD 140 300 312 314 316 317 318
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What we've learned about the mower deck mule drive leads us to believe it is the weak link in an otherwise robust grass cutting system. While the drive appears to be well built, it just really takes a beating. We believe centrifugal force imparted by the rapidly moving belt works to pull the mule apart over time. Because the mule has inadequate side to side thrust surfaces, the wear and binding we are all too familiar with occurs. We add heavy thrust surfaces to our rebuilt mule to counteract these forces. Keep it greased and there is no telling how long our rebuilt mule will last.

Starting with a used mule:

1. The mule is suspended in an electrolysis bath for 24 hours to remove residue, paint, and oxides.
2. The mule is then disassembled and all parts to be reused are media blasted.
3. The worn shafts are cut from the mule then milled out of the lever arms.
4. The Mule frame is tig welded undersized then milled to accept new bearings.
5. Wear surfaces on pulley arms and mule frame are tig welded and resurfaced.
6. With new primary shaft and bearings in place, pulley and tension arms are tig welded back into the assembly.
7. Three grease zerk holes are drilled and threaded into the new primary shaft.
8. The entire assembly is again degreased and deoxidized using phosphoric acid bath.
9. Powder Coat pre-treatment is applied and the mule assembly is heat treated at 400 degrees F.
10. Black Satin UV resistant powder coating is applied and oven cured at 400 degrees F.
11. A new John Deere tension spring is installed.
12. A new secondary pulley shaft is installed then pinned into the assembly.
12. The refurbished mule is packed up and shipped to you.

Included as an assembly:
1. Rebuilt mule frame assembly, Deere part number would be:
2. Secondary shaft assembly, 
Deere part number would be: AM106628
3. Shock rod, 
Deere part number would be: AM31172.
4. Shock rod tension spring, 
Deere part number is: M44452.
5. Adjustment clevis and pin.
5. Washer, grease zerks, and cotter pins.

This mule can be used on 120 140 300 312 314 316 317 318 322 330 332 John Deere Garden Tractors.

Rebuilt mule drive does not include draft arm that connects to the deck, pulleys, and cover.


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Remanufactured Basic Mule Drive JD 140 300 312 314 316 317 318

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