Heavy Duty Lockout Valve  Loader Lift Applications X465 - X749
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This is the lockout valve you need if you use heavy ballast weights on your three point hitch.

Customers tell us they are having problems with OEM lockout valves. We looked into it and determined the problem to be caused by excessive pressure on the lockout valve caused by front end loaders impacting a load in the process of scooping it up or moving it. The force can be up to twice the hydraulic pump pressure and blows or damages the valve's buna N rubber seal.

We have yet to see this issue on the AuxHyd quarter turn lockout valve. But, we know these impacting pressures can exceed the pressure rating of our valve and have this solution ready.

Our solution to this problem is even very cost effective. Half the price of the OEM valve. Our valve has a forged body and the valve seals via a metal pintle against a metal seat! No rubber seal to leak or blow!

Easy installation: Remove the OEM lockout valve, put a little hydraulic oil on the threads of the AuxHyd forged lockout valve, then install.

Or, avoid the frustration and the wasted money, install a AuxHyd forged lockout valve from the start!

  • John Deere 425, 445, 455, X465, X475, X485, X495, X585, X595, X700, X720, X724, X728, X729, X740, X744, X748, X749, 4930, 4940 and up to current production!
    OEM Part Number:
    AM134625 - OEM Price: $110.07 USD
    OEM Part Number: AM118213 - OEM Price: $
    120.37 USD

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  • Item #: PXLockout2

Heavy Duty Lockout Valve Loader Lift Applications X465 - X749

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