NEW Basic Mule Drive
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Brand new mule drive for John Deere 140 300 314 316 317 318 322 332

We took what we learned from rebuilding John Deere mule drives over the last year and developed our own product.
We also decided to offer a basic mule for customers who may not need new pulleys, adjust knob, or the heavy duty cover.

Included as an assembly:
1. Mule frame assembly, Deere part number would be:
2. Secondary shaft assembly,
Deere part number would be: AM106628
3. Shock rod,
Deere part number would be: AM31172.
4. Tension spring,
Deere part number is: M44452.
5. Washer, grease zerks, and cotter pins.

1. Made from all new materials. Plate is 1018 steel. Shafts and bearings are 1040 steel.
2. Parts made using computer controlled equipment for the highest accuracy.
3. Assemblies are TIG or MIG welded where appropriate using production quality fixtures which maintains symmetry.

4. The entire assembly is treated with phosphoric acid to etch the steel and inhibit rust.
5. The entire assembly is coated with Blitz Black UV rated powder coat then oven cured at 400 degrees.
6. Shock tension spring is original John Deere.

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NEW Basic Mule Drive

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