Rebuilt Deere 300 314 316-332 420 Hydro Transmission Check Valve
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Because of our significant experience in rebuilding and manufacturing hydraulic control systems, we decided to move into hydrostat check valves.

If your check valve plungers are stuck or leaking oil, then you need to replace the valve assembly. However, I'm scratching my head trying to understand why someone would spend as much or more for a 30 year old used valve. I can't. Therefore, we rebuild them.  

This is for one rebuilt Hydrostat Check Valves which can be used as replacement on late 140 300 312 314 316 317 318 322 332 John Deere Garden Tractors. John Deere part number is AM32939. This number is also shown as replacement for the 420 430 tractors.  If you require more than one, please select quantity from drop down box.

Our process:
Using proprietary tools, we open up the used check valve. 
We disassemble the valve and clean using electrolysis, phosphoric acid, and detergent. 
We inspect the body and plunger correcting any defects. Some we just reject into the recycle bin. 
Using American Lapping tools we lap the plunger bore and ball seat. Click To See Video!
We polish or replace the check ball. 
We reassemble the valve using a new spring and plunger oring.
Using proprietary tools, we close the check valve assembly.
We assemble new orings onto the valve body and test for open and shut functions. 
We do a final cleaning and paint the exposed portion of the check valve with a bronze rust inhibitor coating.

If you are interested in having your check valves rebuilt, see here for rebuild service. The actual valves you send in will be rebuilt and returned.

If you wish to receive cash back for your old check valves, add a message in the comments at checkout to let us know your intent.  Then, send us your old check valves. Upon receipt, we will issue a 20.00 refund per rebuildable check valve up to the quantity you previously purchased. We need to receive your old check valves within 30 days of your notification of intent to return for cash back for this offer to apply.
There is quite a bit of misinformation out there on these check valves so I feel motivated to offer this info:
How to evaluate AM32939 check valves for proper operation. With the fender deck off your tractor, engine not running and cool.
NOTE! Please use caution as described in your OEM manual. A running tractor can cause severe injury to the operator and others. Hot high pressure hydraulic oil can cause loss of limbs due to hydraulic injection. Rotating parts can quickly snatch the operator into a running machine. Be careful!!!
1. Check for leak around the little button in the center of the check valve. If any oil is present around the top, your check valve is bad.
2. Push the little button by hand while the tractor is not running. If you feel a little spring tension, the check valve is good. It is not necessary for the little button to pop all the way back up after you press it. If the button will not go down when you press it, the check valve is bad.
3. Push the buttons on both check valves. If they pop back up, then the valve is good. If they don't pop up then start your tractor. If the buttons pop up immediately, the valve is good.  If they don't the valve is bad.  
4. Start your tractor then turn it off. Try to push your tractor. If it doesn't move then the check valves are good. Let the tractor sit about 10 minutes then try again to push it. If the tractor moves, the hydrostat is leaking down and needs to be repaired.
AM32939 fits the following machines.
120 Lawn and Garden Tractor  
140 (30001- ) Lawn and Garden Tractor
300 and 316 ( -95000) Lawn and Garden Tractors 
312 and 314 Lawn and Garden Tractors
317 Hydrostatic Tractor 
316 (285001-) Hydrostatic Tractor 
330 Lawn and Garden Tractor
318 Lawn and Garden Tractor
322 Lawn and Garden Tractor 
332 Lawn and Garden Tractor
420 Lawn and Garden Tractor
430 Lawn and Garden Tractor
F910 Front Mower
F911 Front Mower
F912 Front Mowers 
F915 Front Mower
F925 Front Mower
F930 Front Mower
F932 Front Mowers
F935 Front Mower
1800 Utility Vehicle

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Rebuilt Deere 300 314 316-332 420 Hydro Transmission Check Valve

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